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Horse Show Paintings

You might see me standing at an easel around the horse shows painting the scenes in front of me! I create these oil paintings on site at many horse shows and they have struck a chord with collectors. People like to art being created on the scene and love the idea of watching "their" painting develop as they look on. These oils are very popular as one of a kind gifts!
Even if I paint the same scene twice, it is never the same!

blowing rock 2010
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 are a few examples of paintings I have done for horse show posters, programs and t-shirts.




"Quiet Evening - The Hill" at the Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show


"Two Towers" - Devon Horse Show

   Three Palms - Wellington, 8 x 10 Oil on Canvas

 "Pony Morning at Blowing Rock"
Oil on Canvas 11 x 14


 Carriage at Devon
Oil on Canvas 8 x 10

   White Jumps at Deep Run Horse Show, 9 x 12




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