Stephen Filarsky

 Painting Impressions - Landscapes to Portraits

Please bear with me. After years, revising existing websites becomes a bit of a problem. Edit the existing site or create a new one. Since I am our webmaster (of sorts), creating an entire new site while painting and teaching, you would end up looking at an out of date site from the start. So this new design currently has some missing links, you won't find all of my new paintings but enough to give you an idea of the work that I do. Please feel free to contact via   or phone at 919-880-2858.  Thanks, Steve
steve paintingI'm the tall guy with the easel painting at the side of the horse show, or by the side of the river, out in a field or on a city sidewalk. Up in the mountains or down by the sea, sometimes even in my studio.

This website shows some of my current oil paintings. You will also find my blog, two blogs actually, one about paintings and my methods the other blog, 1hundredpaintings is  a project I started creating small paintings first on a daily, then a regular basis.
You can also click on the portrait in the left column to visit our the portrait website. There you will find portraits by myself and my wife, M.Theresa Brown. 
But wait, you can take a look around here first.


horse oil      brownie oil

Afternoon Swim     cool drink